Our Company

We have managed many servers and serviced a diverse group of clients.

A standardized method of management and planning is critical.

Our dedicated administrator will learn the specific needs and idiosyncrasies of your company and industry; Becoming familiar with the specific software and hardware of your business.

ConnecTech offers universal Service Solutions that can be scaled up as the company grows, never missing a step along the way to your growth.  

If you are a full-time, onsite IT Professional, we do not want to take away your job; we want to make you the director of your IT department, and we do the work.

Our Team

Director of Server Management

Director of Desktop Support

Information Security Officer

Customer Service Manager

Your IT Solutions

ConnecTech was formed in 2007 as an Information Technology consulting firm, specializing in affordable networks and technologies. We collaborate with clients to assist their organizations through the innovative implementation of strategic tools.


In addition to offering strategic services, we provide professional technology support services for small to medium sized companies that want to focus on their products and customers instead of wrestling with Information Technologies. We are known for our strong professional ethics, quality of our work, the respect we show to our employees, and most importantly, our implementation of a superior technology infrastructure in our own organization.


Our experienced technology professionals can support your organization at a fraction of the cost of having just one full-time IT professional on staff. We can support your existing IT staff on specific needs or be your complete IT solution.  We can also be very flexible in accommodating your budget and schedule, whether it is a day’s worth of general desktop support or long-term support for all of your critical applications and hardware.


Computers crash, Hard-drives fail, or viruses continue to attack your company’s network infrastructure. The next time anything happens to your computers just pick up the phone and call us. Once ConnecTech is on board with your company and providing preventative maintenance, these issues become a thing of the past. We are here to handle all of your company’s IT needs.

Product Specialist

Lab Technician

Contract Manager

System Administrator

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