Archiving & Compliance

ConnecTech Backup and Recovery solution offers compliance with data retention policies and regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, and others. Our solution is backed by robust security, access controls, and federal-grade encryption.

Application Continuity

Our backup and disaster recovery solution gives you granular control over your recovery options to customize based on your needs. This allows you to protect and recover all of your critical business applications to ensure maximum uptime and fast recovery.

Data backup and recovery is necessary for business today. Companies must have a backup of data to ensure the company is protected in the event of a disaster. Ensuring this kind of storage capacity can save much of the IT budget that could be spent on new and innovative technology solutions. Cloud Backup and Recovery provides an innovative approach that alleviates companies from having to rely on expensive backup systems.


ConnecTech takes backup and recovery out of the past. Our experts combine the power of cloud storage to protect data without requiring separate backup and disaster recovery systems. Our cloud solution is designed with business continuity in mind. This makes our solution stand out far ahead of most of our competitors, many of whom added in Cloud Backup and Recovery as a feature after the thought.


ConnecTech’s Backup and Recovery solution is built with countless redundancies to ensure snapshots will always be recoverable. In the event of a disaster, access to the entire storage system can be reestablished in a matter of minutes. Cloud Backup and Recovery experts will work with the HelpDesk to make sure you meet all your recovery time objectives. You can rest better knowing that your data is backed up by experts.

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