ConnecTech gives clients access to highly experienced IT managers who are experts in applying technology to the achievement of business goals. The HelpDesk possesses a wide range of professional certifications and technical backgrounds. This allows you to benefit from years of experience operating in diverse IT environments without having a full-time senior IT executive.

Our HelpDesk will work with you to develop a plan for your information technology costs, system lifecycles, and business processes. We work to maximize your technology investments and make the best critical business decisions through the improvement of technical outcomes and alignment of expectations.

Technology Roadmap Planning

Our trained experts will work with you to re-approach your technology decisions. We will analyze your current investments, and help you align your technical objectives with business goals.

Vendor Management

Our HelpDesk will work in-conjunction with our Vendor Management experts to ensure you are getting the technology you need at a price point that is right for you.

Security & Contingency Planning

Our HelpDesk will work hand-in-hand with our NOC to provide you with a comprehensive look at your security, including risk audits, compliance audits, and disaster recovery.


Our HelpDesk can coach current company leadership on how to make informed decisions that support bottom-line business growth and foster technology utilization and strategy.

IT Budgeting & Staffing

Our experts will help you define an IT budget with projected expenditures that are based on business goals and objectives. Allowing you to focus on capital investments instead of operational expenditures.

Business Continuity Planning

Our HelpDesk understand some business systems are more vital than others. We will help you develop a Business Continuity plan that will keep these systems running so your business can operate.

IT Project & Program Management

Our Project Management Operations provide highly experienced program managers with the leadership capabilities to successfully guide, manage, and support high-visibility initiatives.

Technology Roadmap Development

Planning for tomorrow’s technology challenges is vital. Our HelpDesk will work with you to develop a growth plan for your technology that will nurture smooth consistent growth, scalability, and budget-planning.

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