Instead of waiting for something to fail, we at ConnecTech IT Services, provide each of our clients with a Service Solution providing regular preventive maintenance, support, planning, and leadership. As we become familiar with your network infrastructure, we will consult you on the most appropriate platform, determining how many On-site service calls, remote service calls, help desk calls and what solutions you may need to keep your network up and running at peak performance.

After determining the appropriate platform for you and your company, we will select an IT Administrator from our staff to become “your” very own administrator; maintaining regular maintenance and monitoring on your Infrastructure. Your dedicated administrator will learn the specific needs and idiosyncrasies of your company and industry; Becoming familiar with the specific software and hardware of your business. Instead of having a random administrator try to learn your system each time, you’ll have a specific person that will learn what you do once and stick with you.

If there are issues to resolve, your administrator will take care of them. Remaining time will be spent on regular maintenance and planning for your future needs. We won’t sit around wasting time if there aren’t specific problems. We take advantage of that time to foresee issues that may arise in the future. At the end of each visit, everything is completely documented so that everyone knows exactly what has been accomplished.

If you are working with a “one man show” IT Company and you're not satisfied with their performance it could be quite a painful process to find a new company to meet your needs. With ConnecTech, if for some reason our choice of an administrator isn’t working within your company’s culture, we’ll assign a new administrator. You have an in-depth choice of who you work with.  Fitting the unique culture of your company with ConnecTech and finding a new administrator that works for you is a simple process.

If you are a full-time, onsite IT Professional, we do not want to take away your job; we want to make you the director of your IT department, and we do the work.  We want to partner with you and help provide support with no delay. We have managed many servers and serviced a diverse group of clients. We can help bring enterprise level experience to your IT department and make you shine in a short period of time. We can do all the IT tasks that might be unfamiliar to your team, from Installing a New Server to an entire Network Upgrade. We do things every day that others might not have done. Let us partner with you to make it a less painful and quicker process. Let us make you the director of your IT department, and we do the work.

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