The HelpDesk integrates with the Network Operations Center (NOC), which ensure that all of your network infrastructures operates at optimum levels.The HelpDesk offers the opportunity for communication between the client, computer, and ConnecTech. The NOC provides key information such as health, software, antivirus status and utilization. The users are able to send HelpDesk tickets with the computer’s name and a brief description of the problem. ConnecTech is then able to utilize the HelpDesk and look at the computer’s hardware, software, and any other information that has been reported to the Network Operations Center (NOC) by the monitoring and security services. We are able to address the problem immediately to ensure productivity is uninhibited.


ConnecTech Remote Monitoring and Management capabilities are at the very core of our overall Managed Services offered. Beyond designing and implementing, upgrade programs, and patches, ConnecTech’s Remote Monitoring, and Management services include real-time monitoring, fault detection, diagnostics, and performance management. This information is provided to the HelpDesk and integrated with the Network Operations Center (NOC), which helps ensure that all of your networks operates at optimum levels.


At ConnecTech, we recognize that poor maintenance can lead to costly downtimes and loss of productivity. With our HelpDesk, ConnecTech is able to log-in and address any issues remotely, without taking any additional time away from your team. ConnecTech is able to perform routine maintenance on your devices, including updates, patches, and defragmentation.


When you call ConnecTech for support, you won’t ever speak to a third-party support company. Our employees are experienced, certified technicians that are dedicated to keeping your systems and business always connected.

Application Support

Our Techs are fully trained to help you with all of your application concerns, so that you can take full advantage of these common applications.

24/ 7 Availability Support

All of ConnecTech’s Managed IT Service offerings are backed by our Remote Monitoring and Management capabilities, so that your technology remain Always On.

Email Configuration & Support

Email is the life-line of your company communication. Our HelpDesk provides support and service to ensure the performance and security of your email systems.

Internet Connectivity Issues

Your ability to connect to the Internet is essential to keeping your business running. Our HelpDesk will ensure you maintain a reliable and secure connection to your network.


Tiered Escalation Along Pre-Defined Paths

Our HelpDesk Services are based on a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which tells our HelpDesk exactly how you expect each situation to be handled.

Business Application Support

Our HelpDesk experts fully support all of your customized and third-party business applications, so that your company needs can be supported.

Hardware & Software Configurations and Upgrades

From Patches and Updates, to Migrations and Installations, our experts work to guarantee optimum performance out of your system.


Virus Control & Removal

ConnecTech’s HelpDesk services include reliable virus detection, prevention, and removal. This allows you to guarantee your systems remain healthy and Always On.

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