Technological advances have made computers an important part of every workplace. Many companies store valuable data on computer systems, databases and networks, and most workplace communication is done using computers and networks. Although computers allow businesses to streamline processes, distribute information quickly and stay competitive, it also allows the potential for security issues that can ultimately affect business operations and integrity.


Because most data is stored on computers and almost all communication is done on an organization's computer network, the security of the data is crucial for the success of an organization. Monitoring workplace computers are done using various software that monitors computers and networks. This ensures data is secure by using the software to block certain websites, alert ConnecTech’s I.T. staff of potential threats, such as computer viruses, as well as monitor computers and network utilization.


Monitoring company network infrastructure can secure data stored on company servers, as well as ensure employees workplace computers are secure. This requires little to no effort on the company’s part and provides a valuable tool to ensure the security and integrity of business data. Although computer workplace monitoring has become a necessity, employees often don't understand the reasons for infrastructure monitoring and may feel violated or even micro-managed. However, ConnecTech’s goal is to monitor content, security, utilization, database, and software integrity to ensure a secure network environment.


ConnecTech Network Operations Center (NOC) regularly and proactively provides oversight for your network infrastructure. Doing so allows us to ensure continuity and operational efficiency in your business. Our monitoring detects potential problems. If a problem emerges, an alert is sent to the NOC, and the HelpDesk immediately works to address the problem. By utilizing a quick response, this allows us to provide little to no time down time. Our support system ensures that costly downtime will be held to a minimum.

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