ConnecTech’s Network Operations Center (NOC) regularly provides proactive oversight for your infrastructure. Doing so allows us to ensure continuity and operational efficiency in your business. Our monitoring detects potential problems. If a problem emerges, an alert is sent to the NOC, and immediately addresses the problem. By utilizing a quick response, we can provide little to no time down time. Our support system ensures that costly downtime will be held to a minimum.


In today’s fast-paced business world, one thing is certain: downtime is lost productivity and revenue. In order to compete in this environment, technology issues must be responded to in minutes, not hours or days. Downtime could put your company at a disadvantage. Utilizing continuous monitored can be assured you that your systems are readily available.


ConnecTech Remote Monitoring and Management capabilities are at the very core of our overall Managed Services offered. Beyond designing, implementing, patching, and upgrading programs. ConnecTech’s Remote Monitoring and Management services include real-time monitoring, fault detection, diagnostics, performance management, and HelpDesk integration with the Network Operations Center (NOC), which aides to ensure that all of your network operates at optimum levels.


ConnecTech Remote Monitoring and Management services are supported by our Network Operations Center (NOC) which actively monitor all of your devices 24/7. Our Remote Monitoring and Management services also collect statistical data through inspection and ticket recording to identify both actual and potential issues.


Ensuring your technical security is at the very heart of all of our services. Our Network Operations Center ensures that all of your devices are monitored for security, reliability, and availability 24/7. When an incident occurs, we alert you immediately. Our expert technicians then work to immediately remediate the problem – usually within the hour.

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