IT environments and systems that are not regularly patched pose a serious security concern for any business. Known vulnerabilities of unpatched systems are targets of viruses and malicious code that could cause major problems for your company. Outside of the actual security concerns, systems that are not up-to-date are in violation of new and increased compliance regulations, such as HIPAA, SOX, or PCI. Yet, with new vulnerabilities being discovered almost daily, keeping systems up-to-date with patches is often a full-time job.


ConnecTech Configuration and Patch Management Services allow you to outsource the maintenance of your updates and patches to our HelpDesk. Our experts will work with you to develop a strategy and plan of what patches should be applied to what systems at a specific time.


ConnecTech’s Configuration and Patch Management experts take the time to research each update before installing it on your systems to assess compatibility. The patch is then configured to allow for no technical incompatibilities between the update or the existing system. During this research process, our patch management experts will work with your hardware and software vendors to ensure that installation will not negatively affect operations. Our goal is to ensure security and compliance while giving you maximum uptime and reliability in order to keep your operation running smoothly.

Patch Prioritization

Our Configuration and Patch Management experts work with your team to understand business needs and assess the order in which systems should be prioritized for updates.

Patch Auditing

As a part of our services, ConnecTech experts will audit your system to see which patches have been installed and ensure they have been properly configured to protect your system.

Patch Compliance Reporting

Information is available through our NOC, allowing us to track pending and completed patches in real-time.

Automated Patch Management

Our Patch Management Services work behind the scenes to schedule patches based on what is ideal for your business’ needs and technology environment.

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