Successful project management is more than just timelines and deliverables. It also means protecting your company’s profits, reputation, and stability. ConnecTech’s Project Management Operations (PMO) service is designed to help your business manage various facets including governance processes, optimizing resource utilization and improving project performance.


Our experts deliver the right mix of leadership, expertise, and project resources to drive your project management operations to the next level. Our PMO Services will work with you so that you understand project management practices and improve project quality and consistency.

Subject Matter Expertise

Faced with a project and not sure you have the experience to fully execute and understand requirements? Our PMO Service will provide the subject matter expertise needed to help your business deliver on project expectations.

Project Portfolio Management

Different projects require different experience and types of resources in order to effectively be executed. Our team will analyze your projects and help you understand which projects provide the most value and highest ROI for your business.

Customized Project Documentation

Project documentation is critical to assuring highest possibilities of project success. Our team members are experts in creating documentation and will customize solutions to your business, team, project and scope.

Project Review and Recovery

Our PMO Service team provide expert recovery and review services for projects that are struggling and in danger of project failure. Through our expertise and documentation, we will work with your team to increase project performance.


Project Manager Mentoring

Effective project management techniques require intense training in a variety of areas. Whether you have one or a hundred new project managers, our mentorship team will guide them on how to effectively drive team members to success.

Project Management Methodology Implementation

Constant and repeatable processes are at the heart of project management. Our PMO Service will work with you to implement methodologies for project execution throughout your organization, helping you to be able to more effectively manage team members.

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