ConnecTech Stay ahead of today’s constantly evolving landscape of threats and application-related issues by providing solutions that maintain your company’s network. Through HaaS, your business pays for the use of hardware as a monthly service. With ConnecTech's security platform you avoid the cost associated with hardware upgrades. Our comprehensive SMB service solutions incorporate Next-Generation Firewall features, new technologies along with WAN acceleration for distributed offices to maximize security control with minimum network latency into your operations and future projections.


We track changing tides in technological evolution on your behalf, making upgrades in response to your business’ needs and objectives so that you never fall behind as technological advances. We offer simple support for a fixed monthly budget. Rather than a break and fix company that makes money with every service call, we concentrate on doing it right the first time. We both benefit with you being trouble free, hence the slogan.

Comprehensive Warranty

Work with vendors to provide fully covered warranty for defective parts of technology products.

Hardware Solutions

We chose strategic infrastructure partners very carefully, selecting only those we can trust assets: our reputation and our client’s critical systems.

Maximize Uptime & Productivity

Minimize downtime while maximizing productivity by utilizing the latest technologies and a proactive approach with HaaS managed services.

Flexible, Scalable

When your business begins to grow, your infrastructure must grow.  With our HaaS all services and solutions can be implemented with quickness and efficiency.

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