Technical Proposal


At ConnecTech we have diligently worked to creating a stable and cost efficient product with professional customer friendly staff.  We are here to serve your needs and help you stay up and running with little or no down time.

We strive to keep your office up to date and worry free with our monthly service at money and time-saving cost.  If you need any hardware or software, we can find it for you without your company losing any down time.  Locating and purchasing the hardware or software you need is only one of our many services.  





Methodology & Approach

ConnecTech will provide skilled personal computer service with professionals to perform immediate assistance on an ongoing support of the company equipment and peripherals throughout various company facilities. ConnecTech will answer all help desk support questions and problems in accordance with the Precedence Problem Matrix. ConnecTech’s staff is a mix of analysts and support technicians who will at tier 1, initially during the first call, get information and diagnose the inquiries using all available resources. If in the event tier 1 first call response does not meet the needs of the user, the techs at ConnecTech will promptly upgrade the problem to tier 2 for resolution and track the status and progress of the problem to completion.  At ConnecTech, tier 1 analysts are trained and prepared to respond to multiple inquiries by all available means of communications (telephone or Email) using all available computing applications and tools. All inquiries will be researched, documented and tracked to successful completion strictly within guidelines set in the Service Level Agreements (SLA) and/or Operating Level Agreements (OLA). ConnecTech will ensure that every record is maintained and updated for future referencing.  


Tier 1 first call response is the key to providing expeditious service to the users. ConnecTech knows and will become immediately familiar with standard computing applications and IBM products and services of your company. Customer service is also a ConnecTech hallmark. ConnecTech’s employees understand that courtesy and patience are vital when dealing with customers who are experiencing difficulty. At all times, ConnecTech employees will apply outstanding etiquette when answering telephones calls and conversing with customers. Effective communications (verbal or written) are strong points within ConnecTech. Our employees are carefully screened to ensure a continuous attitude of professionalism. ConnecTech personnel is subject-matter experts (SME). ConnecTech employees in the absence of electronic mechanisms are trained to apply and recommend alternatives for achieving and meeting performance standards. ConnecTech understands that our mission of your satisfaction is of the utmost importance. All rules and regulations will be strictly adhered to by ConnecTech Employees in every case.

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