Current State of the IT support Industry 

In the IT support industry, there are basically three categories of companies.

We are NOT a “Fix It Solution.”

Some Companies offer a “fix it Solution”. Your company pays for their availability when something fails; they then come out to fix the problem without offering any preventive maintenance. Companies like these spend a great deal of time driving around town fixing other company’s problems while your problem goes unaddressed. They are frequently out of their office working on multiple tasks at once. In other words, not available to you! In ConnecTech we say if we are busy, we are not doing our job.

We are NOT a Pre-paid IT Support and Service

Many companies offer a “fix it solution” with Pre-paid Service and will make site-calls to your office when something goes wrong. Their "retainer fee" requires you to pay for a block of upfront time; however, many of these companies will have an additional charge depending on the amount of time spent on each service call. These companies hold your money and wait for something to fail, and usually, they are not interested in providing preventative maintenance.

We are NOT a “One Time Consultant.”

While other companies are more interested in working on a project-to-project basis, we focus on long-term relationship building. Companies that work on a project-to-project basis are known as the mercenaries of the industry. These companies aim at getting in and out quickly so that they are on to the next revenue generating project. They are less interested in the long-term success of your business.


Three Strong Reasons to Choose ConnecTech

Below, you’ll find three of the reasons to choose ConnecTech as your contracted IT department:


We have managed many servers and serviced a diverse group of clients. A standardized method of management and planning is critical. On each scheduled onsite visit, your IT administrator will work through a standardized task list that is customized for each one of our clients. These tasks are critical to the operation of your company and will ensure a problem free infrastructure.

Essentially, this is preventive maintenance to minimize emergency calls. The less you run into emergencies, the better your infrastructure will run. Tasks include the review of backup logs, virus detection, network security, server patches, and more.


ConnecTech has software that we’ve customized which allows us to have a repository of all our client information, all in one location. We securely track client profiles on how their network is designed, appropriate passwords, and all other special needs. If the assigned IT administrator is unavailable for any reason this information allows our other IT specialist and HelpDesk Managers to access pertinent information quickly. Any service performed for our clients are fully documented through the HelpDesk. As soon as the work order is closed, an automatic email will be sent to the primary contact of the company.Each month, the information from the Helpdesk is included with the invoices. This will make it very easy to see how ConnecTech has maintained the infrastructure.


Beyond the assigned IT Administrator, every account is assigned a backup IT administrator and Account Manager. This provides the client with the assurance that we are taking care of your company needs no matter what. By standardizing our service plans and maintaining all client information in HelpDesk software, any of our IT administrators can jump into your network at any point to take care of any issue that may arise.

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